How to Make a Homemade Obstacle Course

By Jen Kim

A homemade obstacle course is a fun and creative way to work out those muscles and burn some calories. Add a stopwatch to the mix and you can challenge a family member or a friend for a friendly competition of brawn and strength. You can create an inexpensive course with materials you already have around the house to make your various obstacles.

Map out your backyard or an open field into six sections. Each section represents on obstacle. You can design a course that goes in a circle or finishes at an alternate point.

Set up two chairs about 2 feet apart and rest a broom on both of the chair seats. This is the first obstacle. The player must crawl underneath the broom.

Place several hula hoops on the ground, so they are touching. Make sure you have enough hoops for both feet. The player must cross by jumping from hoop to hoop.

Set up several mini orange cones or shoes about 2 feet apart in a zig-zag line to use as markers. The player must get on a tricycle or bicycle and weave in and out of the markers.

Lay a jump rope straight on the ground. The player must walk across the jump rope without stepping off. If he loses his balance, he must try to cross again from the beginning of the rope.

Set up a laundry basket on the floor. Draw a line about 5 to 10 feet away from the basket and set some bean bags on the line. The player must successfully toss one bean bag into the basket.

Turn on the sprinklers near the finish line. This the final obstacle. You can have players simply run through the sprinklers or do jumping jacks across the path to the finish line.

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