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How to Make a Hockey Shooting Target

By Contributor

Shooting skills improve in hockey with target practice. On the ice or off, the constant repetition of shooting teaches muscle memory and provides the chance to improve technique. Make a hockey target from simple materials for both on-ice and off-ice shooting.

Determine if the hockey target is for on the ice or off the ice.

Look at pictures of commercial hockey shooting targets to help make your own. The designs are fairly standard and you can copy them easily.

Use a piece of canvas, durable plastic or similar material cut to the size of a standard hockey net, which is 4 feet high and 6 feet wide.

Paint or use permanent marker to make the target areas on your material. Make circles in the two upper corners, two more circles halfway down the sides and two more in the bottom corners. Then place another circle at the midway point along the bottom.

Mount the target onto a street net or ice net using a buckle system, strong ties or Velcro system.

Place the target on a garage door as an alternative. Use strong tape for a closed door or a Velcro system to hang from the top of an open garage door.

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