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How to Make Hockey Jerseys

By Adam Crowson

Have you ever wanted an authentic looking hockey jersey of your favorite team or to make a customized jersey for a rec league team, but you don't want to deal with the price? Well, with a little work and just the cost of supplies you can make your own. Follow these steps and in no time you'll have a jersey that others will envy.

Find a photo of the jersey you want to make and use it as a guide in the creation of a real NHL jersey. There are several websites that have photos of NHL jerseys, including Mitchell & Ness, Chris Creamer's SportsLogos.net and Paul Lukas' Uni Watch blog. If you want to make something custom, non-NHL, create your own design but follow these steps.

Buy a jersey. You can find real blank jerseys from CCM, Bauer, Nike or others at hockey supply stores or you can use a baggy and loose long-sleeve T-shirt, a solid color long sleeve-raglan T-shirt, or a thin but loose sweatshirt.

Cut out pieces of paper in the form of numbers and the outline of the team's logo to use as stencils and place them on the would-be jersey to make sure all items will fit.

Use the stencil of the logo and draw the outline to the team's logo on team-colored felt (for a white jersey) or a white piece of felt (on the dark jersey). This will be the base of the logo. Next, cut out all subsequent colors of the logo and add each color as another layer to the base. For more information, see the tips section on how to create a logo. The logo should be no more than 12 inches long or wide.

Sew all pieces of the logo together with thread and needle. Use small stitches, approximately 1 cm in length.

Apply the iron-on backing to the logo. Iron-on backing has an adhesive on one side that allows it to be applied to anything you want. Then, when the other side is heated, the back melts and sticks to any fabric desired. Cut any excess iron-on backing from the logo's outline with a craft knife.

Draw and cut out three sets of numbers from the felt or fabric using an outline color and white (for dark colored jerseys) or one solid color (for white jerseys). The outline color should be approximately two centimeters wider than the white number on all sides to provide an adequate outline of the number. Two sets of the numbers should be exactly the same size and approximately 10 inches tall. These numbers will go on the sleeves. The final set of numbers should be 18 inches tall and these numbers go on the back.

Sew the numbers together.

Apply iron-on backing to the numbers and trim any excess backing.

Cut ribbon or T-shirt fabric to match the stripes or different colors found on the jersey. For example, some sleeves have solid colors from the forearm down and about 6 inches tall along the bottom of the jersey.

Sew the stripes onto the jersey.

Get out the iron and iron on all numbers to the jersey.

To add a last name, cut out all letters of the name, using two colors of felt (as you did with the numbers), sew the letters together and apply iron-on backing to each individual letter before ironing each letter onto the jersey.

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