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How to Make Gun Slings

By Joe White

Slings, a standard piece of equipment on military rifles, can also be useful for sport shooting, hunting, and target practice. Not only do slings provide a convenient way to carry a rifle, but they are also useful in bracing the rifle and supporting the arm during a shot, especially when standing while shooting. You can make a sling relatively easily with simple and commonly available materials. Fifteen dollars at a home improvement supply store should cover everything you need.

Determine how long the sling should be. Generally, 4 feet is appropriate; sometimes taller or longer-limbed shooters prefer slightly longer slings.

Trim two 1-foot-long segments from the banding material, which will be used to secure the sling to the gun, and then trim the strap down to the length you want, leaving 4 inches extra on each end. The band should be sturdy material, enough to support the weight of the weapon, and comfortable to use either as a handle (to carry the gun) or as a brace (to wrap around your arm while shooting).

Pass a 1-foot-long strap through a metal ring or plastic brace, wrap the strap around the gun just behind the pistol grip, and secure the ends by passing them both through a slide lock. Tighten the strap around the stock and slide the ring so that it dangles at the bottom of the gun, near the base of the pistol grip. This arrangement will secure the ring to the gun, so that you can then attach the strap to the ring.

Pass the other 1-foot-long strap through the other ring and wrap it around the extension of the stock just beyond where your supporting hand rests in a standard shooting pose. Secure it tightly with a slide lock and move the ring to the bottom of the gun.

Now you can prepare the sling strap itself with the 4 feet of banding material that remains. At each end of this longer strap, pass the end through a slide lock, then through the dangling ring and double a few inches back on itself to pass back through the slide lock. This will secure the ends to the support straps.

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