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How to Make a Golf Score Card

By Aaron Reynolds

Whether you are playing at a public golf course or at a putt-putt, the only way to accurately keep score is with a score card. Golf score cards generally look the same and are easy to make. Though Annika Sorenstam likely can count her 59 strokes in her head, amateur golfers should utilize score cards when on the links. Making your own score card doesn't take a lot of time or effort, either.

Design the card. Golf score cards usually allow two to four boxes for different players. Allow enough space to write the first name of each player. Then, create 18 boxes vertically, one for each hole. After the first nine holes, add a "total" box to tally the first nine holes. Do the same after Hole No. 18. Add one last grand-total box.

Keep the card small; index-card size is best. This allow golfers the abillity to fold up the score card and store it inside a pocket. Make sure the boxes are large enough to record the score for each hole. Most golf score cards include the par for each hole.

Add a space for personal information such as name, date and course. Most courses include the name, logo, address and contact information to help promote and remind golfers to come back and play again.

Make the card's presentation unique in some form. Serious golfers put a lot of stock into the card's presentation. This is especially evident when an individual has a great round and wants to hang the score card or frame it. Add a special graphic or font to the header and it will boost the score card's appearance.

Complete the rough draft and send to two or three individuals to proof. Make sure there are no spelling errors. View the graphics and make sure everything fits and is proportional. Listen to people's input, comments and suggestions about the score card.

Find a company that will print a large number of the cards (100-500) for a discount rate. Most printing companies offer a discount when you place an order for 150 or more cards.

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