How to Make a Golf Head Cover With a Stuffed Animal

By Carol Strider

Golf club head covers are utilitarian -- they protect the heads of the golf clubs from being damaged by hitting each other while being transported in your golf bag. They also protect the heads from the elements. Since golf clubs are a significant financial investment, it makes sense to protect this investment. Golf club head covers also communicate something about you to other golfers.

Step 1

Choose a stuffed animal that fits the size of the head of your golf club. You'll need different sizes for your woods and irons. Look for a stuffed animal with a seam on the bottom, usually where a tag is attached.

Step 2

Use a seam ripper to open the seam. Alternatively, cut a hole into the bottom of the stuffed animal. The opening needs to be large enough to accommodate the head of your golf club.

Step 3

Reach into the opening and pull out the stuffing. Some stuffed animals may have two levels of stuffing, in the head and in the body. Depending on the size of the animal and your golf club head, you may need to remove both.

Step 4

Hem around the opening with your needle and thread, using a straight stitch. The hem will prevent the golf club head cover from fraying when pulling it on and off.

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