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How to Make Golf Carts Go Fast

By Bob Dobbs

Golf carts are not designed for speed. Fast moving golf carts can do damage to both the greens and to the vehicles themselves. However, many have taken to driving their golf carts off the course. It can be a cheap and fun means of transportation. For this type of alternative use the slow speed of the average golf cart can be a detrement. Fortunately there are several things you can do to make your golf cart go faster. Just make sure you operate it safely.

How to Make Golf Carts Go Fast

Adjust the governor. To do this, remove the plastic covering behind the seat, find the T-shaped governor, and tie off the silver, thick section of metal to the metal bar behind it. Replace the covering when done.

Replace the tires with larger ones with thicker treads. This will allow you better traction at higher speeds, as well as greater revolutions along the ground.

Replace the factory gear set with one with a lower ratio.

Install a higher amperage, high performance controller.

Install a motor with a higher RPM. Check first to make sure that it will fit adequately into the body of your golf cart.

Lose excess weight from the golf cart. Find any unnecessary pieces you can safely remove and do so. Just make sure you know what you're removing, and that it isn't neccessary to your golf cart's performance.

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