How to Make a Football Throwing Target

By David Montoya

A quarterback, as the leader of a football team, must constantly work on throwing technique to improve accuracy and maintain a certain level of conditioning. This requires throwing drills with set targets to aim at. Whether working with a high school quarterback or a Pee Wee football quarterback just beginning to learn the coordination necessary to run an offense, a homemade tire target helps hone the throwing skills needed for game day. The tire football target also works for other throwing games involving footballs.

Step 1

Climb a ladder, with long rope in hand, to reach the first branch of a large tree or an arm on a post. Tie a rope around the branch post. Allow the rope to dangle down toward the ground.

Step 2

Measure the height of the quarterback from the feet to the chest. This length indicates the height the tire target needs to be off the ground to accurately reflect the height of the targets the quarterback aims at during games. For example, a high school quarterback's targets are generally taller than a middle school quarterback. As such, hang the tire higher to take height into consideration.

Step 3

Cut the rope with a utility knife at the quarterback's chest level. Discard of the excess rope.

Step 4

Tie the old tire to the rope. Tug on the rope to make sure it is secure. Keep the tire still to duplicate still targets, and swing the tire back and forth or side to side to duplicate a moving target.


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