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How to Make a Football Jersey

By Adam Crowson

When you can save up to $100 making your own football jersey, there's a great sense of self-accomplishment on a job well done. And with the right amount of planning, the project isn't that hard to complete.

Find the design. Visit websites such as Mitchell & Ness and Chris Creamer's SportsLogos.net (see Resources). Print off a picture of the design to guide you through the process of creating the jersey.

Make paper stencils of numbers and letters you wish to put onto the jersey and place them on top of the blank shirt to ensure that everything will fit before making cuts.

Cut out four sets of numbers in three different sizes, from the team color fabric and the white colored fabric. There should be two small sets of numbers, about 6 inches high, for the left and right sleeve or shoulder of the jersey; a medium-size set of numbers, about 10 inches high, for the front of the jersey; and a large set of numbers, about 16 inches high, for the back of the jersey. The team-colored numbers should be about 2 cm bigger than the white numbers on all sides so that when put together, it appears there is a border around the number.

Place the white number over the team color number for all four sets of numbers and sew the two colors together for each number using small, 1-cm stitches.

Apply the iron-on backing to each number. The iron-on, which is available in most fabric or hobby stores, has an adhesive on one side to stick to the back of objects. The exposed side is a gluelike substance that makes the object stick to clothing when heated. After sticking the iron-on backing to the numbers, trim the backing with an X-acto knife to clean up the edges around the number.

Place all numbers onto the shirt to once again make sure everything fits.

Iron all numbers onto the jersey.

To add stripes to the jersey, cut strips of fabric or use thick ribbon and sew the stripes onto the sleeves if the jersey has them.

To add a last name to the back, follow the same steps as the numbers, cutting out two colors for each letter, with the team color slightly bigger than the white.

Add a logo to the sleeve. Either buy a small patch or create your own using different colors of felt and re-create the logo out of cutting different colors of pieces and sewing them together before ironing onto the jersey.

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