How to Make a Football Defense Sign

By John Yargo

As every football fan knows, “Defense wins championships;” and rooting for your defense can improve your team’s chances of winning. Easily create your own defense sign, whether it’s for the entire defense or your favorite player. Some lucky signs even make it on televised broadcasts.

Step 1

Sketch out the design of your sign. The most familiar defense sign is the letter “D” and a cutout of a picket fence. Trace the “D” out with a pencil. Sketch the fence using a ruler or yardstick.

Step 2

Determine the dimensions of your sign. Make it compact enough to be allowed into the stadium, but large enough to be seen from the field.

Step 3

Draw the designs on a piece of poster board. Use thin poster board as thicker types, like trifold board, will not be allowed in most games.

Step 4

Cut the signs out with scissors or a hobby knife.

Step 5

Paint the sign and attach other ornamentation. Use bold colors to help your sign get noticed.


About the Author

John Yargo is a sports writer, living in Orlando, Fla. His work regularly appears in the "Jackson Free Press," and he has published articles on theater, fiction and art history. He has also received a master's degree in English.

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