How to Make a Field Goal Holder

By Brandon Salo

Field goal holders are used for football practice. They are intended to take the place of another person and hold a football vertically so it can be kicked for field goals. Field goal holders usually cost between $20 and $45. Building your own can drastically save on this cost, especially if you need a few of them for your football team. PVC pipe is often used, since it is inexpensive and easy to work with.

Coat one end of each 2-inch pipe in PVC cement and insert the glued ends into the top two holes of the T-joint. The pair of 2-inch pipes should be aligned.

Coat the other ends of the 2-inch pipes in glue and position the 45-degree elbows on their ends. The elbows between the two pipes should open up toward the same direction, and their angles should be perpendicular to the base of the T-joint. If you are holding the joint by the base of the "T" perpendicularly to the ground, then the 45-degree joints should be facing you directly, or directly away from you.

Glue one end of each 14-inch pipe with the PVC cement and insert them in the 45-degree elbows. Coat the open ends with glue and insert them into end caps.

Apply the PVC cement to the ends of the 10-inch pipe. Insert one end into the only open end on the T-joint and insert the other end into an end cap. Let the PVC cement dry according to instructions.

Rest the field goal holder on the 14-inch pipes and position the your football vertically underneath the 10-inch pipe.

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