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How to Make a Felt Soccer Banner

By Contributing Writer

It is a tradition in some regions of the country to create a felt banner for the local youth soccer team. Felt soccer banners make a great prop for team photos, are an easy way to recognize which team is playing on what field during a busy tournament and are a symbol that both parents and players can rally around. They are easy and fun to make, and can be a great team bonding activity to kick off the season. With the colors of your squad staked proudly on the sidelines, players will be inspired and opponents will be intimidated. It's a sure-fire weapon for victory.

Wrap approximately 2 inches of the short end of the cloth around the top half of one of the rods. Secure the base of the cloth to the rod with the athletic tape.

Sew the flap of cloth around the rod with the needle and thread.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other side of the cloth using the other rod.

Lay the banner flat on a smooth surface.

Cut out letters for the name of your soccer team from the various pieces of felt. Secure the letters in the top middle of the banner using the hot-glue gun.

Design a team mascot, soccer ball or other logo to put beneath the team name. Cut the design out of the felt with scissors, and secure it to the banner with the hot-glue gun.

Cut out stars and other various shapes using the remaining felt. Cut out enough shapes so that each player can have one.

Have each player write her name on a star or other assorted shape. Secure these shapes to the banner in various places with the hot-glue gun.

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