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How to Make Electro Stimulators

By Robin Reichert

Electro stimulators are electronic devices used by athletes and other people who suffer from issues related to chronic pain. The stimulators are used primarily as a non-invasive method to stimulate fatigued muscle areas and diminish the pain from sore or aching muscles.

The Process

Insert the two printed circuit stakes at the lower left-hand corner of the printed circuit board; insert all of the resistors according to the diagram provided and solder them.

Insert the 39-volt zener-diode, the 10 volt diode, the two fast diodes, the three switch diodes and the 1A diode according to the diagram.

Mount all of the capacitors to the printed circuit board (see diagram).

Cut up the integrated circuits into five separate contacts with the X-Acto knife; remove two pin contacts on each socket. Put the integrated circuits into the printed circuit board; solder them on the backside of the board. Mount the sliding switches to the integrated circuit sockets.

Solder the trimpots to the printed circuit board. Place the point of each spindle facing in the direction of the trimpot; solder it into position.

Mount the N-channel Mosfets to the upper right-hand side of the printed circuit board.

Wrap the copper wire around the ferrite core, weaving the copper around the right-hand side of the core, turning 44 times. Repeat the process on the left-hand side, turning 17 times. Strip off the wire ends and solder to the printed circuit board. Tie down core with cable ties.

Mount the LED1 to the printed circuit board 15mms above it. Connect the printed circuit board to the plastic cover base, using four of the 6mm screws.

Connect the front panel to the top section of the plastic cover. Drill a hole in the lower portion of the case; insert the DC plug and connect it.

Feed the battery wires through the plastic cover into the back compartment of the case: affix with cable tie. Solder the battery wires to the printed circuit stakes using the thermoplastic heat shrink tube. Cover N-channel Mosfets tabs with the remaining thermoplastic heat shrink tube.

Use the 2-1/2mm plug and the 2mm plug to make leads for the electrodes; attach the four electrodes to the leads. Insert the 9-volt battery.

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