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How to Make a Driveway Basketball Court

By Contributor

Playing basketball is a fantastic way to keep in shape and spend quality time with friends and family. But if you want to take your driveway pick-up game to a whole new level, you should make your own basketball court. It's much easier than you think.

Measure your driveway to see if you can fit a half or full sized court. The layout of your driveway will determine the size of the court. For a full court, you'll need a rectangular area at least 80 ft. long and 40 ft. wide. Most people can easily accommodate a half court which is about 40 ft. by 40 ft.

Purchase and install your basketball hoop. Your local sporting good stores like The Sports Authority, Modell's, or Big 5 are great places to look. Also, consider getting an adjustable height hoop or one that does not require cement, in case you'd like the flexibility of movement.

Visit betterbasketball.com or other sports sites to get the proper dimensions for your driveway basketball court. Decide whether you want a 3-point line and how wide the box should be. These measurements vary from high school to the pros.

Mark off the lines of your court with chalk and your tape measure. Make sure you lay it out before finishing it with the spray paint; one mistake can misalign your court. Double-check your measurements when you're finished.

Spray paint the lines of your basketball court. It may be helpful to use tape to edge the lines so that they are of uniform thickness. Make sure the lines are at least 1-inch thick for clarity. Also, white spray paint will give you the best visual on a black-top court.

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