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How to Make a Safety Bicycle Flag

By Courtney Johnson

Bicycle safety flags are placed on the back of a bike or bike trailer to make sure the rider and any passengers can be seen by vehicles. If you are commuting and have on panniers, a flag coming out of the side facing traffic will alert vehicles to keep a safe distance. Pick a color that is visible day or night. A do-it-yourself bicycle safety flag can save you money and provide a chance to be creative in designing your own.

Cut a 6- or 7-inch-long triangle out of the PVC fabric.

Decorate the safety flag by drawing a design on it or by adding decorations if you desire.

Apply fabric glue or other heavy-duty glue on the inside edge of the flag. Wrap the glued edge around the plastic dowel and seal it. To be sure it stays, use a heavy-duty stapler and staple it two-three times where you sealed the glue.

Attach the dowel to the bike with zip ties. The best place is to attach it next to the rear triangle on the left-hand side. The triangle is formed by the two bars extending from the rear axle to the seat and pedal assembly.

For commuting with panniers, attach the bicycle safety flag on the left-hand side near the panniers. You may have to cut the plastic dowel so it does not stick out too far.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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