How to Make a Baseball Bat Rack

By John Yargo

Making your own baseball bat back can add a personal touch, as well as give shape to your collection of bats affordably. The task requires minimal construction experience, though some carpentry knowledge can help. In a few steps, you can build an assemble your own bat rack.

Step 1

Screw the 40-inch boards at a 90-degree angle to the standing posts. Standard bat rack posts can be any length but should have a thickness of about four inches. Make sure the boards, which give support to the posts and cross-boards, are secured firmly to the posts. Once you have these boards screwed into place, it should appear like a square, with a post at each corner, if looking from above.

Step 2

Sand the 40-inch-12-inch piece of wood with a piece of sandpaper. These “cross-boards” will be parallel lines within the square. These dimensions are typical of a bat rack, but can be larger or smaller depending on the rack’s function and the number of bats.

Step 3

Notch 4-inch-wide and 2-inch-deep slots on two of the 40-inch-by-12-inch piece of wood. These two pieces of wood run length-wise and cradle the bats in the rack. The number of slots should correspond to the number of bats you have.

Step 4

Paint all the boards with wood stain varnish, in a well-ventilated area.

Step 5

Attach the 40-inch-by-12-inch boards to the 40-inch boards, with wood screws. Check that the boards are firm and secure.

Step 6

Add short messages, identifying each bat, along the front of the bat rack. This is particularly useful if the bats have some historical importance.


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