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How to Make a Ball Rack

By Brandon Salo

Ball racks are used in gyms, on soccer fields and other recreational areas. They come in handy when a bunch of balls need to be organized and kept out of the way. Ball racks can easily be made out of wood in minutes without affecting your budget dramatically.

Step 1

Lay a 42-inch board flat and horizontal. Draw a line across the board that is parallel with one of the 42-inch edges, and 2 inches away. Draw another line in the same manner that is 2 inches away from the opposite edge. Repeat this process on the other 42-inch board.

Step 2

Draw four lines perpendicularly across the first pair of lines. Space them 10 inches apart. The two outside lines should be 1 inch away from the ends of the board. Repeat this process on the other 42-inch board.

Step 3

Drill a 1-inch deep, 2-inch diameter hole where each of the lines intersect on both boards. Erase the remaining pencil marks.

Step 4

Position the two boards on end, 40-inches apart and with the holes facing each other. Insert the dowel ends in the holes and screw through the boards into the dowels.

Step 5

Set all of your sport balls on the dowels when they're not in use.

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