How to Make a Badminton Net

By Ed Gould

Badminton is a popular game played on a court by two or four players who hit a shuttlecock back and forth over a net in an attempt to win a point. The net is placed centrally over the court. The net's color, poles and dimensions are subject to exact laws of the game. The first badminton club was formed in Bath, England and set out the rules of the game in 1877. For informal games, especially with children, the net regulations may be relaxed.

Step 1

Select some dark colored mesh netting that has holes no smaller than 0.6 inches and no larger than 0.8 inches. Measure and cut the mesh netting so that it is 2 feet 6 inches tall. Cut the width of the mesh so it is the same as the width of the court you are using. A regulation width for a doubles court is 20 feet.

Step 2

Weave a length of string across the top set of holes of the mesh netting. This will form the top of the net. Move the string back and forth between the vertical sections of the mesh working from one side to the other. Pull through at least 10 feet of string when you get to the far end so you can use it to tie the net off later. Leave a similar length at the starting end.

Step 3

Lay the net out on the floor as flat as possible. Pull the string taught. Run 20 feet of white adhesive tape from one side of the mesh netting to the other over the top of the string. Double the tape back over itself so the fold forms the uppermost part of the net. To conform to regulations, the tape used should be 3 inches wide.

Step 4

Make a 1/4-inch notch in the top of two lengths of bamboo with a craft knife. This will form a guide for the net string over the poles. Cut the bamboo poles to the same length so the net will be horizontal when erected. The regulation height needed is 5 feet and 1 inch.

Step 5

Push the notched end of each bamboo pole up through the net's mesh. Push one at the far right and the other at the far left. Weave them from the bottom to the top. Run the string that extends either side of the tape over the notches at the top of each pole. Lift the net over the middle of the court with the poles standing vertically at either side.

Step 6

Secure the poles in position by running the string down from the bamboo notches to the ground. Drive a tent peg into the ground either side of the net out at 180 degrees. Tie the string off to the tent pegs to form supporting guys.

Step 7

Make two new guys for each pole by cutting two new lengths of string to about 18 feet each. Push the first through the uppermost square of mesh on the right side right and the second through the uppermost square on the left hand side. In both cases loop the string round the back of the pole and back through the same hole in the mesh. Pull enough string through so you have about the same on either side of the net. Drive four tent pegs into the ground at 45 degrees either side of the two pegs already used. Tie the four loose ends of string off to these tent pegs.


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