How to Make an Arrow Fletching Jig

By Victor Fonseca

Archery is a sport of inches. With a barrage of factors affecting any given shot, it behooves the archer to gain as much control as possible. This means stinging the bow appropriately and fletching the arrows. Fletching is the art of affixing the feathers (whether actual or vinyl) to the end of the shaft. After all, by not fletching, the arrow is little more than a miniature spear. Fletching is what gives an arrow it's range. Rather than invest in an expensive fletching jig, you can try this simple trick and spare yourself the cost.

Measure and mark off the mid-point of the wood plank.

Drill a 1 inch hole through the marked mid-point.

Using a hand saw, saw through the center of the newly drilled hole. This will yeild 2 6-inch planks of wood with a U-shaped, notched end.

Mark the 3/4-inch wood board, allowing the two planks to stand parallel at either end.

Stand both planks, in turn, on the marked edges of the wood board and screw in place. The end result should look like something you would lay a spit between and roast a game fowl with.

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