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How to Maintain a Golf Cart's Batteries

By Contributor

Golf carts may look cute and harmless, but maintaining their batteries is a tough job. Most people don't realize that golf carts get their power from six lead acid batteries, which are located underneath the front seat. Utmost care must be taken when checking and refilling water in the batteries.

Wear gloves, goggles and protective clothing when examining golf cart batteries. Never smoke near batteries, and take off all jewelry, including watches.

Maintain a strict schedule when checking batteries. Golf cart batteries can catch fire if the proper water level is not maintained, so it is extremely important to check water in the batteries on a weekly basis. The lead plates in the batteries must remain submerged in the proper amount of water at all times.

Make sure vent caps are secure. Clean battery tops with a water and baking soda solution, then rinse and dry thoroughly. Wash battery terminal and cable clamps with a post and clamp solution.

Add water after charging the golf cart's batteries. Use only distilled water. Stay away from water high in minerals.

Ensure that batteries are free of cracks. Battery connections need to be clean, without any dirt or leaking fluid. Replace batteries immediately if they are damaged.

Coat battery clamps with petroleum jelly after cleaning. Be vigilant about keeping the area surrounding the batteries spotless and dry.

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