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How to Lubricate Exercise Machines

By Greyson Ferguson

Having exercise equipment in your own home can save you the time and money of a gym membership. However, when you have your own equipment, you need to take care of it properly and this includes lubricating the exercise machines. Although not all equipment requires you to do so, you need to make sure and stay on top of the lubrication process, otherwise the equipment may deteriorate much quicker than usual.

Look through your user manual to determine if you need to use any lubrication on the exercise machine. If you do, the manual is going to state exactly where the lubrication points are. These points are typically where movement takes place, such as the peddles on a bike, the belt on a treadmill or the movable joints on a weight machine.

Clean off any old lubrication from the exercise equipment. Old lubrication can build up and dry, so it is important to remove it. Use a rag or paper towels to remove this. You might want to wear old clothing because this project can be messy.

Pour the new lubricant into a clean fresh rag. You can purchase exercise equipment lubricant at most sporting goods stores or other facilities that sell exercise equipment.

Apply the lubricant onto the joints and movable areas of the exercise machines. Make sure to thoroughly coat both sides of the area. This lubrication keeps the machine from having bare metal rub against bare metal.

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