How to Lower Your Golf Cart

By Jamie Lisse

If you spend a lot of time in a golf cart, you may want to make is go faster, and even race it against your friends' golf carts. One way to do this is to lower your golf cart. While raising a golf cart is common, with many kits available to do so, this is not the case with lowering the cart. Typically, however, both gas and electric golf carts can be safely lowered.

Remove all of the tires from your golf cart. The typical golf cart tire has a height of 18 inches.

Replace all of the golf cart tires with smaller go kart racing tires. These tires allow you to lower the golf cart by 10 to 14 inches. Go kart racing tires range between four and eight inches in height. If you lower your golf kart in this manner, you will be left with extra space above the tires in the wheel well. If this doesn't bother you, this may be an easy way for you to lower the golf cart. Retailers for go kart racing tires include eBay, K1 Race Gear and TS Racing.

Purchase and install a lowering kit if you prefer to not have the extra space in the wheel well. While golf cart raising kits are common, the only vendor offering lowering kits as of March 2011 is Big Daddy Golf Carts. The kits do not require welding or drilling. Instead, they are bolt-on kits that come with instructions and hardware for installation. These kits lower the cart by 2.5 inches.


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