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How to Lose Weight in Your Arms

By Contributor

If your looking to lose weight in your arms you should read this!! I have added a few hints to getting those arms tone and losing weight from them in no time. The best weapon you can use to lose weight in your arms is to remain consistent in your workout and diet.

High protein low carbs is the first diet change you need to lose weight in your arms. Unfortunately you normally need to lose weight in your entire body to start effecting your arms. High protein will build more muscle to burn off more fat and carbs that lead to saggy arms.

Cardio is another help to lose weight in your arms. Performing some high intense cardio exercise 30 minutes a day 3-4 days a week will help tone the arms and drop the weight. I would recommended power walking with weights in hand for those new to exercise methods.

Weight training will also be helpful to burn off the fat and lose weight in your arms. Notice I said you need to burn off the fat.

This is a fact you can not turn fat into muscle or muscle into fat. As you build muscle the fat is burned off and the protein you consume helps create muscle. Don't ever let anyone tell you different!

The reason muscular people can eat more without gaining weight is because they have a bigger engine that can burn fuel faster so start hitting the weights and enjoy the perks. :)

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