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How to Lose Arm Fat Fast

By Chase Holik

Extra arm fat can be unattractive and make people self-conscious, but the truth is, most people have this extra fat. The good news is that it is possible to reduce your arm fat. The main cause of getting extra fat in your arms is gaining weight overall. It can be difficult to lose fat in your arms, like any other part of your body, but by doing the proper exercise routine and diet plan, you will notice results over time.


Do some push-ups to exercise all the muscles in your arms. Start slow with doing only a few repetitions and work your way up as your strength increases.

Pace yourself and incorporate aerobic exercises into your plan to burn calories. Do aerobics after you do a light strength training workout to get the most benefit.

Do exercises with your whole body regularly instead of just focusing on your arms. When you incorporate regular exercise into your life, you will notice other areas of your body slimming down as well. Reducing the overall amount of fat in your body will help to reduce the fat in your arms.

Do exercises that involve single-joint movements. These exercises involve curls and triceps exercises. When you start toning that muscle, you will notice that the fat will be greatly reduced.

Change your diet and start eating healthier so you will benefit more from your workouts. Cutting out or reducing sugars and fried foods will help you lose fat. Start slowly and replace the fatty foods that you normally eat with healthier ones. If you eliminate all the fatty foods right away, you will have a greater temptation to give up on your diet. Instead, cut your fatty food intake in half and then work your way slowly to eliminating it.

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