How Long Should You Let Your Body Rest After Doing Push-Ups?

By John Shea

Pushups are one of the best resistance exercises for building muscle mass and boosting metabolism. Developing endurance strength from pushups requires extreme repetition, relative to individual ability. Mental tenacity is key to conquering the painful burning sensation that lots of pushups can cause. Strategically stacking an equal number of repetitions in several sets helps maximize the results induced from performing pushups. Even though the body starts to fatigue over time, rest time should be appropriately minimized.

Mental Toughness

The human body produces a considerable amount of lactic acid during anaerobic exercises, like pushups. Lactic acid creates a burning sensation in the muscles, generating fatigue. Mental toughness can help you conquer a high-octane pushup regimen, regardless. Don’t be deterred by the pain an extreme pushup regimen can incur. Stay committed and focus on the goal you have established. However, don’t strain yourself in an effort to build up substantial muscle mass in a short time period. A large muscle, like the pectoralis major, should not be strenuously exercised on consecutive days without rest.

Determining Rest Time

After completing a full pushup workout, it’s important to allow sufficient rest time for the body to recover. Forcing the body to perform an overbearing workload of pushups on a daily basis can cause extreme muscle strain and lead to injury. An appropriate amount of rest time is subject to an individual’s level of fitness. For starters, take two or three days of rest before continuing your pushup program. After becoming acclimated to a steady routine, compress your workout into a set time interval. Steadily decrease the amount of rest time in between workouts when soreness begins to subside.

Setting a Goal

Setting a challenging goal should be a compound element of doing an extensive pushup program. A man in peak fitness should be able to complete a one-thousand pushup routine in less than 90 minutes. It takes a considerable amount of time to reach the pinnacle of physical fitness, however. The body will naturally respond to increased repetition over time. As you grow stronger, decrease the amount of rest time in between sets to maximize muscle development. Performing 25 to 30 pushups with two minutes of rest in between sets is a solid starting point for individuals who want to conquer a difficult pushup training regimen. Ten sets of 30 pushups with two-minute rest intervals surmounts to a 300 pushup workout in less than 30 minutes.

Maximize Efficiency

Hydration and protein intake are critical components to maximizing an extreme pushup training program. The body will be able to more easily recover from strenuous physical activity when properly nourished. Drink 1 gallon of water and eat at least 50 grams of protein on the day of each workout. This helps to flush out lactic acid build-up and repair muscle damage in shorter periods of time, which aids the process of muscle growth and decreases the necessary time for recovery.


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