Little League Pitching Mound Specs

By Christopher Michael

Five milliseconds. That's how long it takes for a Major League fastball to travel through the strike zone. Don't time it perfectly and it's by you. That's why young players start by playing on a smaller field that features a shorter mound.

The Pitcher's Bump

The top of the rubber stands 6 inches above the playing surface with a gentle grade toward home plate, reducing in height 1 inch for every foot of lateral distance. The front lip of the rubber sits 46 feet from the rear point of home plate. The rubber itself measures 18 inches across and six inches wide. The circular cutout of dirt that makes up the mound is 12 feet wide, measuring a 6-foot radius from the center of the rubber. This means that the slope of the mound should end just as the grass of the infield begins.


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