Little League Baseball Parade Float Ideas

By Ian Farquharson

Little League has delighted the baseball and softball loving kids of America since the late 1930s. Many kids in the United States and other countries take part in the sport, and this can make it a good choice for a parade float. For those interested in the idea, a variety of concepts will produce a fun and attractive parade float with a Little League theme.

Team Name and Colors

For kids involved in a Little League team, a float decked out in their team colors will give them a decorative display. Get some large banners printed up in team colors, with the team name prominently showing. Hang these from the sides of the float to make it easily identifiable to spectators. Other options include having flags and pendants made in the team colors displayed on the float and having the kids riding the float wear their team uniform. To complete the baseball look, create an oversized baseball and bat using chicken wire and papier-mache.

Little League Mascot

Little league has its own mascot, a soft toy character named Dugout that wears a Little League uniform and cap. The character can provide inspiration for a float parade, and a fun idea for younger children involves having costumes made up in the style of the mascot for the kids to wear as they ride the float. Decorate the float in the blue, white and red colors of the official Little League logo and place some toy Dugout mascots around the float to complete the look.

Little League Patches

The Little League organization ( produces a variety of patches for players to wear on their baseball uniform or other clothing. Using these as inspiration for a design will produce a decorative Little League float. The patches come in a variety of designs, including a baseball hitter, baseball diamond and "I Won't Cheat" patch. Producing these in a larger size on banners and flags will give a float a colorful display. Other ideas include producing banners with the Little League motto of "Courage, Character and Loyalty" to display on the float.

International Little League

The Little League organization stretches far beyond the shores of America. Since the 1950s kids in other countries have also played the sport, and leagues exist in Mexico, Japan and Canada, to name only a few. This provides the opportunity to have an international Little League float. Choose Little League teams from different countries and display their team colors and country flags. Choosing a country from the different regions where kids play the sport provides spectators with a colorful perspective of Little League around the world.

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