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How to Learn Gymnastics for Beginners

By Contributor

A gymnast must learn the basics in order to move to the advanced levels. While being introduced to beam, vault, floor and uneven bars the gymnast is also learning to build self-confidence. Gymnastics for beginners is taught with a fun, enthusiastic approach. The gymnastics instructor will teach the gymnast how to improve strength, flexibility and coordination in a non-competitive way.

Begin whenever you want. Gymnastics for beginners is for those with or without any gymnastics experience. If you want to start early, however, beginner classes usually start between the ages of 5 to 6 years old.

Get introduced to the balance beam. This event is the most threatening but with a good instructor the gymnast will overcome her fears. Basic skills on this apparatus include a simple mount, walking forwards, backwards and sideways.

Run on over to the vault. Beginners will learn to straight run, hurdle and squat onto the vault. The gymnast will also practice jumping on the springboard to get a feel for it.

Tumble and roll. In gymnastics the floor exercise is a favorite. Beginner skills are taught such as forward and backward rolls, headstands, handstands and cartwheels. These are the foundation for most advanced skills so the gymnast needs to master these techniques.

Flip over the uneven bars. Each gymnast has to learn how to do a pull over in beginning gymnastics. Holding on, swinging and letting go is practiced to improve upper body strength.

Hold that thought. Self-confidence is stressed in beginner gymnastics. Each gymnast is encouraged to perform to the best of his ability and then push it a little further. Believing in themselves helps the gymnast conquer the most challenging feats.

Strive to be a team player. In addition to working hard on self-improvement, the beginner gymnast is taught how to be a team player, too. This is very important in the more advanced stages of competition.

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