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How to Lace a Belt Through Football Pads in Pants

By Bill White

Understanding how to put on football pads is an essential part of playing the sport. While there might not be one way to lace a belt through pads, there is a way that creates less friction on the skin. Having pads on properly is not just a matter of fashion. Properly fitting pads are an essential part of injury prevention, along with stretching and conditioning. There are several variations of putting on pads and pants but incorporating the pants is best because they hold the pads securely.

Lacing the pads, undergarments on first

Place the pads into the football athletic supporter and put it on. Make sure that the hip pads are even with one another.

Put the football pants, without the belt, over the athletic support and pads. Line up the slot for the belt with the slots in the hip pads.

Begin inserting the belt through the pants until you come to the first hip pad.

Come over the hip pad (the side that is facing out) and insert the belt through the pad. Bring the belt back through the other slip and out from the pad.

Lace the belt through the pants and repeat with the other hip pad.

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