How to Lace Football Pants

By Bill Varoskovic

Safety is one of the most important elements associated with a football uniform. Players wear different layers of padding to reduce the risk of serious injury during a game or practice session. Football pants traditionally secure around the waist, stretch to just below the knee and hold or cover various types of protective padding. Zippers could be dangerous and buttons can break, so many styles of football pants are tied closed with string. Lacing football pants is not a difficult task.

Run the string provided with the pants through each of the bottom two holes. Be sure there is an equal amount of string to the right and left of the fly area on the pants.

Loop each side of the string through the next hole up on the opposite side. It is important that you crisscross the strings. Make sure the string is evenly distributed on the right and left sides.

Continue to loop the string through each hole, crisscrossing each time, until you reach the top of the pants. The string should look like a series of X's by the time you finish.

Tighten the string on the pants so they are tight enough to keep in place the equipment they are holding, but loose enough in order for the player to have a full range of motion without any discomfort.

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