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How to Lace a Football Boot

By Joe White

Lacing a football boot is a crucial part of preparing for play. Without careful lacing, a boot can come off in the course of play, which is both a tactical disadvantage as well as dangerous. There are various ways to lace a shoe, but the traditional American cross-lacing is always effective and also the most economic lacing scheme, using the least length of lace per eyelet.

String the lace through the two lowest eyelets (closest to the toe). You can lace them from below or above, as long as the arrangement is consistent.

Even the laces, so that the length of lace between the end and the eyelet is the same on each side.

Cross the laces, bringing the left one to the right side and the right one to the left, and pass them through the second set of eyelets. Again, you can pass them through from the top or the bottom, as long as you stay consistent.

Continue the pattern of criss-crossing and lacing all the way up the shoe. This arrangement will work whether the shoe has an even or odd number of eyelet pairs.

Make adjustments as necessary. For example, you can skip eyelets if you have wide feet. For narrower feet, you can lace up one side from one eyelet to the next without criss-crossing and then double back and pass the lace through the loop created by lacing through consecutive eyelets.

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