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How to Lace Basketball Shoes

By Chad Buleen

When playing basketball it is important to protect your feet. Injuries often occur to knees as well as ankles and arches when playing basketball. Because basketball is a game that includes a lot of running, jumping and quickly changing of direction, it is easy to injure your foot. One of the best ways to guard against injuries to the feet is to have good basketball shoes that protect the feet. While a player with typical feet should lace his or her basketball shoes the same way he or she laces any other shoes, the same is not true for players who have injury-prone feet that are slightly abnormal.

Feet with High Arches

Begin by lacing the shoes in a crisscross pattern as they would normally be laced. Crisscross the laces at the bottom set of holes and stop.

Lace the left shoe lace and the right shoe lace directly up both sides of the shoe. This helps provide more stability for a foot that has a high arch.

Crisscross the shoelaces one more time when reaching the last set of holes at the top of the shoe. Tie the shoes at the top and they should be ready to wear for basketball.

Wide Feet

Take the laces and put them through the first couple of eyelets on the bottom of the shoe.

Lace the shoestrings straight up the shoe for the next few sets of holes. Do not crisscross the laces at this point. Continue to lace in this manner until the shoelace reaches the upper part of the foot and the shoe can be tightened without squeezing the foot.

Crisscross the shoes again for the remainder of the eyelets. Tie the shoe as normal.

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