What Kinds of Accessories Should a Quarterback Wear During a Football Game?

By Craig Berman

There isn’t much room for a quarterback to improvise the look and feel of his uniform, but some additions can help the player and offense succeed. Accessories are designed to offer increased protection or help improve performance. Depending on an individual league’s rules, quarterbacks may have the ability to bring tools that can help them both call the plays and execute them more easily.

Common Accessories

One item that many quarterbacks add to their gameday apparel is a cheat sheet of key plays or signals, commonly worn on the wrist. This playsheet allows quarterbacks to streamline the play-calling process, a key benefit in an arena where every second counts and where communication with the coaches between snaps is difficult or impossible. Pads and braces offer extra protection for areas that need it. Some quarterbacks wear special gloves to keep their hands warm and increase their ability to grip the football. In addition, a helmet shield can protect against the sun’s glare and make it easier to see, if your league allows them.

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