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How to Kick a Soccer Ball Harder

By Contributing Writer

If you're having trouble getting the ball past the goalie, maybe you need to kick the ball a little harder. Or maybe you aren't having trouble scoring goals, but could still sue a little extra oomph behind your kick. Either way works. Here is how to kick a soccer ball harder.

Kicking the Soccer Ball Harder

Use a different part of your foot.Depending on what part of your foot you are using, another section might be better off for kicking the ball harder.The inside of your foot is really not meant for power. This part of your foot is great for passing, and even penalty kicks, but not for kicking the ball particularly hard. You will be very accurate with it, but have little power.The best part of your foot to use to kick with some real power is the laces. This refers to the part of your soccer cleat where the laces are, or the top of your foot.Using this part of your foot will allow you to use your body's full power and torque and explode through the ball, which is what will generate the power.

Address the ball better.Kicking harder is more than just swinging your leg faster. One thing that can improve your power output is how you address the ball.This refers to the way your body approaches the ball as you go to kick it. If you are stepping too close to the ball, it will be very difficult to kick with power. Same is true if you are backing too far away. Make sure your planting foot is right where it should be, at a nice, appropriate distance from the ball based on your angle of entry.You also need to use your hips. Just like in baseball, the amount of torque your body creates will directly reflect how hard you kick the ball. And the torque comes from your hips. So rotate them quickly through the ball like swinging a bat.

Strengthen your kicking leg.A strong leg is absolutely necessary in order to kick with power. So strengthen your leg.Get into the gym and work on the muscles in your legs. You'll need to strengthen all of them, including your quadriceps, calf muscle, hamstring and even your ankles.Get on the leg press, the hamstring curl, the calf raise, etc. Work on your legs to increase their strength.

Practice, practice, practice.While you might do all of these things listed, and do them correctly, none of it will help you much unless you go out and practice and kick the soccer ball a lot. The only way to really get better is to kick more and more.Get outside and start kicking the ball. Practice kicking it as hard as you can. Practice your goal kicks or penalty kicks with a friend. Just kick it as far as you can time and time again.After a matter of only weeks, you should notice a difference in the way you are striking the ball.

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