How to Keep Your Cutters Sticky

By Matt McKinney

Cutters is a brand of athletic glove that specializes in football, baseball, golf and fitness products. In football, cutters are used by players to help catch or carry the ball without dropping it. Gloves that are sticky, of course, make these tasks much easier. Players are able to act on the ball much more confidently because they know the ball is unlikely to slip out of their hands. There are a number of ways to keep Cutters sticky and the ball in your hands.

Put the gloves in the washing machine. A clean surface will surface will help restore stickiness. Be sure to follow the cleaning instructions on the gloves to avoid damaging the Cutters.

Wipe the inner surface of the gloves with a moist cloth. Rub away any dirt or excess grime. Dry the gloves with a dry rag.

Apply a layer of tape onto the catching surface of the glove. Press down then remove the tape after several seconds. Some of the adhesive material from the tape will remain on the gloves.

Spit onto the palms of the gloves and rub the surfaces together. Saliva will help moisten the catching surface and is more adhesive than water. Make sure the surface is dry before attempting to catch.


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