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How to Jump Rope Double Dutch-Style

By Contributor

Double Dutch is a jump roping technique where a person jumps two jump ropes while they're being turned like an egg beater. Double Dutch evolved from a rhythmic street game into a competitive sport. These steps teach the basics of this school yard pastime.

Choose the Double Dutch spinners or rope turners and the jumper. Start with the spinners facing one another holding one end of each rope in a hand.

Grip the ends of the ropes tightly, waist high and shoulder length apart, keeping the ropes firm. Hold the ropes comfortably in front of the body with both spinners holding the ropes the same way.

Stand with your legs shoulder length apart and with a straight back when you turn the ropes. Turn the ropes inward by rotating the right forearm counter clockwise and the left arm clockwise without crossing the body's midline with the hands.

Control the rhythm of the ropes by counting "one, two." In preparation to jump in, the jumper stands next to one of the rope turners but facing the other turner. Stand with the leg nearest the rope in front of the spinner and the other leg behind the turner in a scissor arrangement.

Begin jumping by entering the rope as the closest rope passes the jumper's face. Leading with the leg closest the spinner, leap into the middle of the rope and start jumping to the beat of the ropes with the feet and ankles close together.

Exit the ropes near the shoulder of a turner when ready.

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