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How to Join a Sports Shooting Club

By Contributor

Sports shooting clubs are increasing in membership due to a growing interest in shooting from women, youth and special interest shooters. Joining a sports shooting club will provide you with a community of fellow shooting enthusiasts. As an added bonus many shooting club members receive discounted rates on range time, targets and equipment at their local shooting range.

Look for sports shooting clubs targeted for your gender or age group. Shooting clubs for women or youth will have a very different feel to them than clubs dominated by men.

Locate sports shooting clubs that share your same shooting interests. Many shooting clubs devote themselves to rifle, handgun or shotgun shooting. Depending on your area, you may also find clubs for special interest shooting such as cowboy and other periods.

Contact a local shooting range for a list of shooting clubs hosted on a regular basis. Or, visit the shooting sports website for a listing of clubs, associations and organizations.

Meet sports shooting club members at a local shooting range. The shooting range employees can tell you when the range is reserved for a shooting club and if your presence will be accepted. You may not be able to shoot with the club, but you will be able to socialize with the members and determine if they are a good fit.

Attend sports shooting club meetings and range events as a guest if allowed. Most clubs offer a trial period before dues are collected.

Pay your yearly dues to help cover the club's range fees, social events costs, competition fees and other membership services.

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