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How to Join a Football Club

By Thomas Conroy

Why is European football (soccer) the world's most popular sport? It is a global phenomenon that is watched or played by more people than any other game, and interest has grown year after year. Fans can relate to footballers, as size does not matter on the pitch. A person of average height can excel at this sport if he possesses agility, as well as head and feet coordination. If you make a good impression as a footballer, an club might offer you an opportunity to play with them on a short-term basis.

Join an academy team. Professional football clubs run their own academies and are responsible for the development of all players under contract. Academy teams compete in competitive leagues for players under 18 years old, and footballers that quickly develop will rise through the ranks to become reserve players on the main team.

Contact coaches. All European football clubs are continuously looking for rookies or first-year players to fill out the bottom of their rosters. Try to speak by phone or correspond through email directly with the head coach. Have a prepared statement that emphasizes the ideals of discipline, fair play and sportsmanship.

Create video footage. If a team cannot send a scout to watch you play in game action, submit a video of your performance. Have a friend or professional shadow you on the pitch with a camera. If your play is good or eye-opening, it might set-up an invitation for a tryout with the club.

Keep your fitness level up. You cannot be lackadaisal or skip training sessions while pursuing your goal of playing on an European football club. Lack of playing time will make you less confident and look rusty on the pitch. This could be your only opportunity, so make the most of your moment.

Stay in touch with the game. Good players always have the latest information on hot topics relating to football right at their fingertips. It could be a new training technique or game strategy that is running rampant throughout the league. Never lose sight of your own skill level or fail to recognize the level of play needed to make a club roster.

Go online and sign up for European football chat rooms to develop contacts with other players. You will be surprised at the number of players in search of training partners or pick-up games in your area.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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