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How to Get Jennifer Aniston's Body

By Contributor

Jennifer Aniston in a bikini? Super hot! She looks much younger than her age and has had a terrific body for too many years to count, long before Friends! To get anywhere near this hotness, follow these steps.

Step 1

To get Jennifer Aniston's bikini body, you must first enter The Zone. It's been widely reported all over the media that Jennifer Aniston follows The Zone diet to keep her weight under control, and her body looking its best. This diet balances carbs, proteins, and fats, and basically keeps your body's metabolism working efficiently. When you are in "the zone", you lose the pounds easily and quickly. Following The Zone isn't hard, but you have to know what you're doing. Only certain foods can be eaten together for the optimum weight loss, so you have to do your homework and see what foods align. If this sounds too time consuming, and finances are abundant, you can actually have Zone meals delivered to your home. Jennifer probably has her own personal chef who can cook her Zone meals - lucky girl! If you want a Jennifer Aniston bikini body, the Zone is a major part of it, so adjust your diet accordingly.

Step 2

Take up yoga if you want Jennifer Aniston's bikini body. Jennifer Aniston is such a fan, she's even said she used yoga to emotionally work through her divorce from Brad Pitt. She's quoted in Self magazine as saying she would cry through the poses. Yoga enthusiasts believe there is a strong connection between one's mind and body, and going through the positions often brings repressed emotions and feelings to the surface. If you decide to try yoga, visit a class first rather than try to learn at home using a DVD or book. A skillful instructor can guarantee that you are properly positioning yourself and moving one step closer to a Jennifer Aniston bikini body.

Step 3

Finally, you have to take time to do cardio. Jennifer Aniston never misses an opportunity to get her cardio in, even on location. According to US Weekly, she works with a trainer every other day for two hours. A portion of those two hours is devoted to yoga, but for at least 20 minutes, she does a cardio work out on the elliptical machine or on the treadmill at 5.7 mph, on a slight incline. When she is working on a set, and can't make it to the gym, she goes running in the early hours of the morning - that's commitment. Jennifer Aniston is determined to look good, and if you want a bikini body like hers, prepare to work for it.

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