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How to Invite Friends to Fantasy Football on Yahoo

By William McCoy

Fantasy football on such websites as Yahoo is an entertaining pastime for many people during the National Football League season. Typically, you join a league by creating it yourself and acting as the fantasy commissioner or by accepting an invitation to an existing league. If you wish to be the commissioner, you can invite your friends to join the league to test your football knowledge.

Step 1

Press the "Sign in" button at the top left of the Yahoo Fantasy Football screen to sign in to your fantasy football league. Type your Yahoo Sports user ID and password into the appropriate boxes, then press "Sign in." If you haven't already signed up for a Yahoo Fantasy Football user ID, press the "Register" button to create an account. Your fantasy football league will appear in the center of the screen if you're signed up with a league that is currently in season.

Step 2

Click "Commish Tools," which is located on the horizontal bar across the top of the page.

Step 3

Scroll down to "Invite Friends," then click on it.

Step 4

Enter the email addresses of the friends you wish to invite, separating each address with a comma. The number of friends you wish to add is dependent on how you set up the league, but Yahoo's maximum team allowance is 20.

Step 5

Enter a personal note to the people you're inviting, if desired. If the league is password protected, the invitation will include the league name and password, so there's no need to provide that information separately.

Step 6

Press "Submit." Your friends will receive an email inviting them to join your Yahoo fantasy football league.

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