Instructions for Nordictrack's Walkfit

By Amanda Hart

The NordicTrack WalkFit is a discontinued, non-commercial treadmill. Unique features of the WalkFit include folding up for easy storage and optional upper body resistance poles. Speed, incline, and upper body resistance are adjustable, allowing you to customize your workout. A 160-pound person burns approximately 277 calories per hour walking at a brisk pace, according to, and a similar caloric expenditure can be expected on the WalkFit (see reference 1).

Decide whether or not you will be using the upper body resistance poles. If you choose not to use them, lock the poles in one of four stationary positions by placing the locking pin in the bottom of the upright tube (see reference 2).

Adjust the incline to your desired level by changing the settings on the front legs. Tip the machine to access the front legs, pull out the pin and adjust the leg elevation up to 10 degrees. Be sure that both legs are on the same setting.

Stand at the front of the treadmill belt and walk at a natural pace. Adjust the treadmill tension with the resistance knob to reach your desired workout pace.

Adjust the level of upper body resistance by turning the upper body resistance knob to a level that is comfortable and will help you reach your exercise goal.

Keep your upper body and lower body moving together. As you step with your right foot, your left arm should be forward, swinging with you naturally.

Lower the resistance as you cool down, completing your workout.

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