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Instructions for Instep Bicycle Trailer

By Marc Chase

Cycling with children in tow can be a fun bonding experience and a great workout. Instep bicycle trailers are among the best made and most widely available.

The Sides and Seat

After removing trailer from carton, place the wheels off to the side and position the trailer so it's flat and the front is facing you. Fold the left and right sidewall up so the u-shaped bars that support the flaps are erect. The rear of the right sidewall should have the back rest for the seat already attached to the top. On the left of the seat back rest, attach the frame joiner insert--a sort of plastic tab--into the housing on the rear of the left side wall. This will allow the back rest to raise and snap into place. Adjustable straps below the seat allow it to be adjusted for firmness and loosened for storage.

The Canopy

Lay the canopy over the the frame with the clear door facing upward. The clear door should fold or roll backward toward the back of the trailer. From front to back, attach all corresponding snaps along the left and right sides of the canopy to the snaps along the outer trailer side walls.The special loops can be affixed around corresponding bars for extra security.

The Tow Bar and Wheels

The tow bar swivels under the trailer floor for storage. Undo the locking pin to swing the tow bar forward, and replace the locking pin to secure the bar in a forward facing position.

Hold the wheels, hubs facing out, and slide the attached wheel axles into the brackets on the side and rear of the trailer. Push the wheels in until they click and then pull the rim out firmly to ensure they are secure.

Coupler Attachment

The coupler is the piece shaped like a figure-eight, with a small top and a large bottom.

For rear wheels with quick release levers, open the lever and remove the axle nut and spring from the other side of the hub. Completely remove the axle skewer. Run the skewer through the hole of the small side of the coupler, slide the skewer back through the wheel hub and then replace and tighten the spring and nut on the other side. Tighten and close the lever, and make sure it is snug.

Insert the end of the tow bar into the large portion of the figure-eight coupler and attach with provided pins. A heavy nylon safety strap on the tow bar should be looped around the outside rear lower bike frame bar for added connective security.

For axle skewers with nuts and washers instead of quick release levers, follow the same directions but use an adjustable wrench to loosen and remove the skewer. Then re-tighten at the end.

For take-down and storage of the trailer, reverse all assembly directions.

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