How to Install a Trunk Mount Bike Rack

By Lucosi Fuller

Trunk-mounted bike racks are often quick and easy to install, and they're a simple way of transporting bikes. The frames are adjustable and fit a variety of vehicles. The straps, which have hooks on the ends, ensure that the mount stays on your vehicle, whether you have a sedan or hatchback. Truck-mounted bike racks can withstand the weight of one to three bikes, and typically have soft padding on them to keep the paint job on your bike from being damaged.

Ensure that nothing needs to be stored inside the trunk before you install the trunk mount. Some trunk mounts don't allow you to open the trunk once they're installed.

Adjust the upper and lower frames of the trunk mount so that the mount fits firmly against the trunk. Different brands of trunk mounts have different mechanisms for adjusting the frame (some mounts have knobs while others have levers). Use the mechanism for your specific mount to achieve the proper fit.

Extend the upper hooks to the top seam of the trunk and insert them into the seam.

Tighten the straps so that they extend firmly against the trunk. Loose straps indicate that the mount may not be secure enough to hold the weight of a bike.

Extend the side hooks to the seams on the sides of the trunk. Tighten the straps.

If there are no side hooks on your mount, move on to the next step.

Extend the lower hook to a location on the underside of the bumper and tighten the strap.

Adjust the bike racks so that they extend at an upward angle and then lock them into place. Now you're ready to mount your bike.

Lift the bike over the racks and ensure that the racks fit underneath the bar on the bike frame that connects the seat and the handlebars. This is the central point of the bike frame where the weight is evenly distributed between both wheels.

Use the rack's locking mechanism to secure the bike on the mount.

Tug on the bike to ensure that it is locked into place and that the rack isn't loose. Now the installation is complete.

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