How to Install a Tetherball

By Ricky Andromeda

Tetherball is a simple game consisting of two or more players hitting a ball tethered by a rope to a pole. The object of the game is to wrap the rope around the pole by hitting the ball back and forth. Installing a tetherball pole is a simple way to have fun with a fairly limited amount of space.

Installing the Pole

Drill a hole in the top of the pole and insert the swivel hook. This will give the ball full range of motion when done.

Use a shovel or post-hole digger to make a hole 2 feet deep and about 6 inches in diameter. Place the pole in the hole.

Fill hole with mixture of quick-drying cement and water, following the directions on the bag. While the cement dries, level the pole so that it stands at a 90-degree angle from the ground. If desired, you can tie the pole to stakes to be sure it doesn't shift while the concrete dries.

Chip away extra cement so that the platform is level with or below the ground to avoid players tripping or stubbing their toes.

Attaching the Tetherball

Tie the rope to the swivel hook at the top of the pole.

Tie the rope to the tetherball. Depending on the type of tetherball you've purchased, you will tie a knot to an external loop or around a recessed pole in the ball.

Measure the distance between the hanging ball and the ground. It should be about 2 feet.

Check the swivel to ensure 360-degree rotation. Lubricate or reinstall swivel hook if there's a problem.


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