How to Install Speed Laces

By Christina Martinez

Whether a casual walker or a long-distance runner, you probably own a pair of athletic shoes. Having shoelaces come undone during the middle of a workout may be dangerous and inconvenient. Speed laces allow you to tighten or loosen your shoes with the push of a button. The laces are short enough that if they become loose you won't trip over them during a workout. These bungee-cord-like laces need to be installed on shoes with regular eyelets without hooks or loops.

Remove old laces from your shoes.

Place a fitting over your first eyelet hole. You need to see the eyelet holes through the holes of the fitting. The loop part of the fitting will come straight off your shoe. Start at the top lace hole to insert your first speed lace fitting. Skip holes on either side of the shoe so you end up with six fittings inserted into the holes: three on each side, directly across from each other.

Attach the fitting's screw from the inside of the shoe so it goes through the eyelet hole and comes out the outside of the shoe.

Tighten the screw with the screwdriver until it is secured but not too tight. If you tighten it too much, you may end up stripping the shoe and the fitting.

Attach the rest of your fittings.

Thread your laces through the fittings in a criss-cross pattern. Begin at the bottom empty holes of the shoe and continue upward, through each fitting.

Thread both laces through the race-lock by pushing the button and inserting the laces through it.

Knot the ends of the laces together so they don't come loose through the race-lock.

Tighten the race-lock to tighten the laces or loosen it to loosen the laces of the shoe.

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