How to Install Look Keo Pedals

By Matthew Ferguson

At first glance, a pair of bicycle pedals appears identical. Each Look Keo pedal includes a platform for the foot and an axle around which the platform rotates. A series of threads at the tip of each pedal allows the pedal to attach to the crank arm. Don't be fooled, however -- one pedal features reverse threads, and installation of this pedal differs slightly from the other pedal. Installing your Look Keo pedals correctly protects the threads and ensures a secure fit between the pedal axle and crank arm.

Step 1

Dab waterproof bicycle grease onto your finger and cover the threads at the end of each pedal axle with the grease.

Step 2

Join the threads of the right Look Keo pedal axle to the threads on the right crank arm. The right pedal is labeled "D/R."

Step 3

Rotate the axle clockwise to seat the threads.

Step 4

Insert a 6 mm Allen key into the pedal axle tip. Turn the Allen key toward the front of the bike to tighten the axle.

Step 5

Attach the threads of the left Look Keo pedal axle to the threads on the the left crank arm. The left pedal is labeled "G/L."

Step 6

Turn the axle counter-clockwise to seat the threads. The threads on the left pedal run in a reverse direction. Turning the axle counter-clockwise tightens the axle onto the crank.

Step 7

Press the the 6 mm Allen key into the tip of the left pedal axle. Turn the Allen key toward the front of the bicycle to tighten the pedal axle onto the crank.

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