How to Install an Everlast Chinning Bar

By Marie Mulrooney

Everlast produces two types of chinning bars: a chin-up/situp bar that rests in holders screwed into the doorframe at two different heights, and a multi-function bar that mounts by leverage only. If you aren't allowed to place hardware in the doorframe, the multi-function bar is your best option. If you can use mounting hardware, the chin-up/situp bar can be mounted lower for short users; one of the two bracket sets can also be mounted close to the floor to facilitate situps.

Chin-up/Situp Bar

Step 1

Stand in the doorway and reach your arms up as far as they'll go; use a pencil or piece of tape to mark the doorway about an inch below the heel of your hand on one side. Place a mark at the same level on the other side of the doorway, by extending a 3- or 4-foot level across the doorway, or by measuring up from the floor.

Step 2

Center the chinning bar's holders over the marks you made and, with a pencil, mark the location for its three screw holes.

Step 3

Remove the holders and drill a pilot hole for each screw. If you don't have a drill or the correct size drill bit, pound a nail partway into the wall at each mark, then remove it, to create a pilot hole. The nail should be slightly thinner than the screw shank.

Step 4

Place the holders back and screw them into place.

Step 5

Repeat the same procedure for the second set of holders. Mount these a little higher or lower to accommodate a second user of a different height for pullups, or mount them a few inches off the floor to use as an anchor for situps.

Step 6

Twist the end of the bar counterclockwise to lengthen it until it sits firmly in the mounting cups, pressing against the doorway on the other side.

Multi-Function Bar

Step 1

Open the door and stand on the side of the threshold farthest from the door.

Step 2

Hold the multi-function bar in your hands as if you were doing pullups. Poke the far end of the multi-function bar, which curves upward, through the doorway. The actual pullup handles should stay on your side of the doorway.

Step 3

Position the up-curved end of the multi-function bar atop the doorjamb on the far side of the door, then lower the pullup handles on your side of the door to wedge the multi-function pullup bar into place. Step through the doorway to verify that the up-curved end is fully seated, tight against the wall and flush with the top of the doorjamb. Always verify that the pullup bar is properly positioned before every use.

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