How to Install a Butt Cap on a Tennis Racquet

By Charles Judd

Every tennis racquet has a plastic cap on the end of the handle known as the butt cap. This cap is often removed during the process of installing a new handle grip on a racket. Removal of the butt cap allows access to the inside of the handle, which can be used to counterweight the racquet.

Step 1

Remove the old butt cap from the tennis racquet. Butt caps are held in place with two staples, one on either side of the cap. Slide a slotted screwdriver underneath the staples and pry them out.

Step 2

Pull the butt cap straight out of the handle.

Step 3

Choose a new butt cap for your racquet. Many butt caps are designed to offer extra shock absorption. Choose a cap that best fits your playing style.

Step 4

Install a new grip on the tennis racquet if necessary. Complete this process before installing the new butt cap.

Step 5

Insert the new butt cap in the end of the tennis racquet. Press it firmly into the handle as far as it will go.

Step 6

Secure the butt cap in place with staples and a staple gun.


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