How to Install BMX Bike Pegs

By Joseph Ryan

Pegs are a great way to add new tricks to your BMX repertoire. Perfect for stalls and grinds, pegs can also be used to carry a passenger on your bike. Pegs can be installed on the back or front axle and can be installed relatively quickly with a just a handful of tools. Soon you'll be grinding rails and exploring new tricks.

Remove one of the axle nuts with the ratchet; then remove any remaining washers.

Screw on the axle adapter washer if needed. When the pegs are larger than the axle, a special washer is needed so that the pegs fit properly. If your pegs and axle are the same size, skip this step.

Insert anti-roll pins into the peg so that the pegs remain stationary while performing tricks. Screw the pin tightly, using an Allen wrench.

Slide the peg over the axle; secure the anti-roll pin and loosely tighten with the deep-well socket.

Ensure there is no friction between the wheel and the chain stays and brake pads. Adjust the wheel if necessary so that all parts work freely. Once parts are in working order, use the deep-well socket to tighten the axle nut.


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