How to Install the Sight & Arrow Rest on a Bear Archery Comanche Youth Bow

By Donivan Gillis

Archery is a precision sport, whether you are shooting at targets or going out hunting. Firing a bow with a sight and an arrow rest can greatly increase your accuracy, as long as they are installed and set up properly. Any misaligned parts can actually reduce precision shooting, and care should be taken when installing new components on your bow. Most manufacturers of bows and their components produce standardized parts for ease of installation and compatibility with aftermarket components.

Install the Bow Sight

Step 1

Set your bow on its side with the side the sight will be installed on facing upward. Align your sight facing toward the front of the bow. Line up the holes in the sight with the holes in the riser of your bow.

Step 2

Install the screws that come with the sight through the holes of the sight into the bow using a screwdriver or an Allen wrench, depending on which type of screws come with the sight. Tighten them until they hold the sight firmly, but do not completely tighten them down yet.

Step 3

Place your string level on the string of your bow. Add support to the sides of your bow until your your bow is level according to the string level.

Step 4

Remove the string level from your bowstring, avoiding knocking your bow off level. Place your level on your bow sight. Adjust the positioning of your bow sight until it reads level. Tighten the screws down completely at this point.

Step 5

Adjust the telescoping frame on your bow sight until your eye does not strain when you sight down the bow. Place an arrow onto the bowstring in your normal shooting position. Be sure that your sight does not come into contact with the arrow after it is fully installed.

Install the Arrow Rest

Step 1

Set the bow on its side. Face the side the arrow rest will be installed onto upward. Align the rest with the holes on your riser.

Step 2

Install the berger hole screw through your arrow rest and into the riser using a screwdriver or an Allen wrench. Install any other screws that came with the arrow rest to secure it to the riser. Different companies include different numbers of screws for this purpose.

Step 3

Place an arrow on the bowstring. Pull the cord to bring the rest to the 'up' position. Adjust the arrow rest so that the center of the arrow is horizontal to the center of the berger hole.

Step 4

Set the center shot, which is the left-to-right location of the riser, to the manufacturer's recommended distance from the inside edge of the riser.

Step 5

Tie your drop-away cord to your downward cable with a setting knot. Locate this knot in an area that will not interfere with the upward cable. Do not tie the knot tightly; only snug enough to hold at this point.

Step 6

Test your rest by drawing your bow back until the drop away rest is engaged. Your cord should slide lightly through the knot, allowing you to fully draw the bow back. Tighten the knots down after confirming that the bow will draw back fully.

Step 7

Cut off any extra cord from the knots. Melt the frayed end with a lighter, being careful to keep the flame away from any other parts of the bow, bowstring or cords.


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